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Player Profile: U19 Captain Megan Brodfuehrer

By Sharon Enck, 11/07/17, 2:45PM MST


Let's get to know Megan Brodfuehrer, Captain of the U19 Girls team.

LC: How old are you?

MB: 17 and a Senior.

LC: What age did you start playing hockey and why did you start playing?

MB: 3 or 4 and I started playing because my dad and family back East play hockey.

LC: So, it's a family affair?

MB: Yes.

LC: This is your first year as captain of the Lady Coyotes, have you ever been captain before?

MB: No

LC: What are the differences in being Captain?

MB: You have to be more of a leader. Just because you have a "C" on your chest doesn't mean you have more authority, you are still a player on the team. You can't just follow, you have to lead.

LC: Do you like being Captain?

MB (laughs): Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

LC: What is the biggest challenge in hockey either as a player or player/Captain?

MB: The leadership part. Last year I was more of a follower and now I have to keep the girls in shape and let them know lthem what's what. That is kind of hard when they are your friends.

LC: What do you love about playing hockey?

MB: The family that comes with it. Once you are on a team they are like your sisters. Traveling is fun and you are having a blast even if you lose.

LC: What will be some of your best memories?

MB: The girls. We have had some class clowns on the team, some goofs, girls that make things really interesting (laughs)

LC: What do you want out of your last season with the Lady Coyotes?

MB: I want to go to Nationals. This is a good group of girls and I think we will do it.

Good luck Megan to you and  the rest of the U19 girls this season!