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Player Profile: U14 Captain Lauren Squires

By Sharon Enck, 11/07/17, 2:30PM MST


Let's get to know Lauren Squires, the current Captain of the U14 Girls team.

LC: How are you Lauren?

LS: 13

LC: What position do you play?

LS: Defense but I switch it up and play all positions.

LC: When did you start playing hockey?

LS: When I was eight.

LC: How did that happen, tell us the story of how you became a hockey player.

LS: I started playing because my dad played night league every night and I went to watch his games sometimes. He said I should try it and I went to learn to skate.

LC: What do you like most about playing hockey?

LS: I like how you get to be creative and try different things on the ice. 

LC: Do you like playing different positions?

LS: When I am playing forward I can look at it from a defensive view and tell my team don't do this or don't do that.

LC: What is the most challenging part of hockey?

LS: Trying not to make mistakes!

LC: What is the most fun that you have had since you started playing hockey? 

LS: We drove on a bus with the older team and we all got to spend a lot of time together. Some of my teammates and I were messing some with some of the older players, it was a lot of fun.

LC: Is this your first year as Captain?

LS: Yes it is.

LC: How is that different for you, going from player to Captain?

LS: It is a lot more responsibility, they look up to you and you have to set a good example for them.

It looks like Lauren will be setting a good example for the girls all year long. Thanks Lauren and good luck this season!